LED HID Retrofit Lamps

LED HID retrofit lamps are designed to replace inefficient or burnt-out HID lamps. HID retrofit lamps provide the easiest and most cost effective incorporation of LED technology that you can install in existing fixtures. They are constructed with hundreds of stand-alone light emitting diodes (commonly referred to as LEDs) that are evenly spaced around the entire shape of the lamp. LED HID retrofit lamps are up-to 80% more efficient than traditional metal halide, high pressure sodium and incandescent lamps. Due to their low up-front costs, they are more and more popular for customers looking to install LED technology, rather than replacing the entire light fixture.

HID retrofit lamps that are incorporated with the latest LED technology are able to provide the same lumen output as conventional metal halide lamps, while using significantly less wattage. These LED HID replacements also provide a much better color rendering, which allows objects underneath them to be displayed in a more natural manner. They also feature a 360 degree beam angle to produce omni-directional light output.Another great benefit these HID LED replacement lamps provide is that they feature integrated thermal sensors, which activates during extreme heat conditions.

HID LED retrofit lamps are available in direct-wire or ballast compatible versions. Direct wire models allow you to simply bypass the existing ballast by cutting the wires and connecting the 120-277V line voltage directly to the sockets, whereas ballast compatible models simply operate off the existing ballast.