LED Flat Panels

Flat Panels


    Upgrade your less efficient commercial or residential lighting to LED with LED flat panels from Stars and Stripes Lighting. These LED flat ceiling fixtures use significantly less energy and last much longer than a traditional fluorescent fixture. They also provide better light output that has better color consistency and looks cleaner. By upgrading to LED you can save over 75% on your energy bill. LED flat panels have become overwhelmingly popular in the last few years, especially in applications such as offices, retail facilities, schools, and garages.

    LED flat panel fixtures are designed to replace in-ceiling troffers, and come in common grid sizes like 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4. There are two options that are available for flat panel design, edge-lit or direct-lit. The main difference between them is where the light source is installed on the panel. Each have their own positive characteristics which comes from where the LEDs are located.

    Edge-lit panels have their LEDs incorporated in an aluminum or metal housing that surrounds the fixture. This is why edge lit fixtures are much thinner and easier to install. The light generated by the LEDs is passed to the middle where it interacts with a lens that redirects the light to the surface of the fixture. The light output that is created is smooth, uniform and has such a broad pattern, eliminating unnecessary shadows.

    Direct-lit fixtures have light sources at the back of the panel, which adds a few inches of thickness. Since the housing on the back of these direct-lit panels is protruding they cannot be surface mounted to ceilings or wall. However, if they are being installed in grid type ceilings they look similar to an edge-lit panel. The upfront costs per unit is a tad less expensive as well.

    Stars and Stripes Lighting offers a constantly evolving selection of 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 LED panel lights. Shop our complete collection of LED flat panels below!