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LED Dusk to Dawn Lights

LED dusk to dawn lights are the perfect fixtures for your barn, yard, walkway, or parking lot. These fixtures are constructed with die-cast aluminum housings which allow them to withstand the extreme outdoor environments and all weather conditions while delivering a bright light output.

Having overnight lighting is crucial for safety and security, LED dusk to dawn lights are ideal for addressing those needs. We carry a wide selection of different types of these lights from brands like Falkor Lighting, Saylite, and Westgate Manufacturing. The perimeter of a building, service road, driveway or large parking lot could all benefit from the safety and security provided by lighting that lasts all night. The majority of our models come with extended arms for easy installation, so you can get light in the perfect location without the need of extra hardware.

LED dusk to dawn lights are ideal for outdoor lighting applications in areas that require a wide distribution of light. They're certified for wet locations and designed with a highly durable housing, allowing them to last for years with outdoor use. LED dusk to dawn lights are highly efficient and long-lasting fixtures, and provide powerful illumination every night without hassle.

We offer a variety of different options, from different designs to various wattages that will match your specifications. If you need help finding the perfect LED dusk to dawn lights that will give you the right level of illumination and performance, feel free to contact one of our lighting specialists today.