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LED Corn Lamps - HID Retrofit

LED Corn Lamps are a cost effective solution for replacing inefficient HID lamps

Replacing inefficient or burnt-out HID lamps with LED technology doesn't have to be a difficult process. LED Corn Lamps provide the easiest and most cost effective incorporation of LED technology that you can install in existing fixtures. These lamps are constructed with hundreds of stand-alone light emitting diodes (commonly referred to as LEDs) that are evenly spaced around the entire shape of the lamp. They are up-to 80% more efficient than traditional metal halide, high pressure sodium and incandescent lamps. Due to their low up-front costs, they are more and more popular for customers looking to install LED technology, rather than replacing the entire light fixture. These lamps are commonly referred to as a corn lamp since the LEDs resemble the look of corn kernels on a corn cob. These corn cob lamps deliver various amounts of light output. It depends on how many LEDs are fixed around the lamp. These lamps have a lot of options when it comes to wattage and color temperature. Many of them replace up-to a 400W HID lamp without any light loss. Choose from color temperatures that range from 3000K soft white, 4000K cool white up-to 5700K daylight. Another great feature LED Corn Light Bulbs bring to the table is their instant-on capability. Unlike traditional HIDs, they require no warm-up time so when you turn the switch on, you have light!

LED Corn Lights can be installed in a variety of different luminaries; as long as there is enough space. Most require that the existing ballast be removed from the fixture and the power-feed be wired directly to the existing socket. They commonly come with either medium E26 or Mogul E39 bases that you simply screw-in. Most require that the existing ballast be removed from the fixture and the power-feed be wired directly to the existing socket. There a variety of applications these lamps can be installed in such as post top fixtures, bollards, wall pacs, area lights and high bay fixtures.

Stars and Stripes Lighting carries a wide selection of LED Corn Bulbs from top brands like Halco Lighting, Light Efficient Design, Keystone Technologies and Green Creative. Many of our lamps are DLC Listed, qualifying them for rebates incentives from local municipalities. 

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