Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting


    For many families the kitchen is heart of the home. It is often where a variety of activities and conversations occur, so the atmosphere needs to be just right. Kitchen island lighting needs to provide the right mix of function and inviting warmth. Lighting is an important factor for ensuring there is proper visibility but also helps determine how the space is perceived and its overall mood. Below are a few suggestions on how to choose the right kitchen island light fixtures that will help you make the most of this important space.

    When you’re in the process of determining the appropriate size of lighting fixture that should be used, you first should look at the overall length of the island itself. For example, if you choose a light fixture that is too short, you will end up with a shadow cast around the island top, which can get in the way of visibility and make the space seem less inviting. We recommend using surface mount lighting, which will allow you to find a fixture that will run the length of the island, or you could also opt for two units together, as well as using a chandelier style lighting solution.

    Many older homes feature basic fluorescent tube lighting when it comes to islands, however this area has evolved with new styles emerging every year. So, don’t feel like you stuck with more traditional options for this area of the kitchen. From rustic farmhouse style fixtures for an aged look to hanging fixtures with decorative glass, there is a style out there for every kitchen theme and taste. You should also keep in mind, a lighting fixture that is suspended should be hung around 28 to 34-inches above the island to get the best outcome in terms of both style and light spread.

    When it comes to the island area of a kitchen, most families utilize this space for conversations, so the color temperature needs to be appropriate for that mood. A good rule of thumb is stay between 2700-3000 Kelvin in color temperature for a gentle light tone that provides inviting warmth. The décor will also play an important role as well. For instance, if your kitchen as a lot of darker tones, it would be okay to choose a color temperature that is whiter to create a better balance.

    While many people prefer a suspended style fixture because its more stylish, some a cleaner look that is often associated with recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is a perfect way to make a space appear larger by removing hanging light fixtures. This is especially useful in kitchens that are smaller in size looking for more of a gentle light source that is less focused in beam spread.

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