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Indoor Lighting

Stars and Stripes Lighting carries a variety of indoor LED lighting fixtures that include LED recessed downlights, tape light, under cabinet lighting, pendants, step lights, ceiling lights, track lighting and more to accommodate any homeowners and contractors needs.

LED recessed lighting is a must have for any homeowner to help cutdown on utility and replacement materials costs. We have a large selection of LED downlights for new installation or LED downlight retrofits for existing recessed lights. We have sizes to accommodate any space or style ranging from 2" to 8". Our selections of Lotus LED Lights are great for remodel and new construction projects. These LED snap-in can lights are super-easy to install and budget-friendly as well. We have a large catalog of LED downlight retrofit kits that make converting outdated incandescent and HID recessed lighting an easy process.

LED tape light is a versatile solution for illuminating stairs, railings, under cabinets, landscaping, cove lighting, and many more applications. Our selection of tape light from American Lighting has variety of different options available. Choose from single color temperatures to RGB color changing. LED tape light consumes very little energy and is a great replacement for traditional rope light and halogen puck light systems which generate a lot of heat. We have 12V, 24V and 120V tape light kits available to install in virtually any application.

We have a great selection of LED under cabinet lights from American Lighting that will give your kitchen that finished look. LED under cabinet lights are not only great because they are energy efficient and long lasting but the light output and color are simply amazing. LEDs have significantly longer life spans than traditional xenon, halogen and fluorescent models. These will highlight your countertop and give you light where you need it when preparing your next meal.

Tryout our selection of LED ceiling lights from ELCO and Green Creative today, these will help you save time and money on replacing incandescent and cfl lamps constantly. These are not only energy efficient but slim and stylish as well that will accommodate anyone's tastes. They feature a five-year warranty with up-to 50,000 rated life hours, make this fixture a great upgrade from incandescent and fluorescent models.

Highlight islands and bar tops in your kitchen with LED pendants from Elco Lighting. They provide a sleek and modern design that will provide a great look to any space. We have many different design and glass options available to accommodate any space where they are installed. They consume only over 50% less energy and do not generate heat like traditional halogen models.

LED step lights not only provide a nice accent to stairwells and walkways but improves safety as well. They are a great option when upgrading from traditional halogen models since they consume less energy and last much longer saving time and money on replacement material costs. They also come in different color temperatures and not just standard warm white like xenon on halogen lamps.

LED track lighting is a very popular choice for lighting in businesses, retail spaces and homes. It offers a sleek, stylish way to distribute light from multiple spots to cover a wide area. Track gives you the freedom to spread light over a general large area or focus in things like pictures, artifacts and other objects that require precision lighting.

Let us help you choose the right LED indoor lighting fixture for your next project. Our knowledgable staff can help address extensive products questions and even help with layout / design concerns.

Stars and Stripes Lighting has an ever evolving selection of residential indoor lights for sale. Shop below for the best Residential Indoor Lighting fixtures below: