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High CRI (Color Rendering Index) LED Lighting

Stars and Stripes Lighting offers a full selection of LED lighting with high CRI values that are greater than 90. This means the color accuracy and reproduction of these LEDs is nearly perfect, which makes them a perfect choice for retail, art galleries, museums, high end homes or anywhere extreme color accuracy is required.

What is color rendering index?

In general terms, CRI is a measure of a light source's ability to show object colors "realistically" or "naturally" compared to a familiar reference source, either incandescent light or daylight.

CRI is calculated from the differences in the chromaticities of eight CIE standard color samples (CIE 1995) when illuminated by a light source and by a reference illuminant of the same correlated color temperature (CCT); the smaller the average difference in chromaticities, the higher the CRI. A CRI of 100 represents the maximum value. Lower CRI values indicate that some colors may appear unnatural when illuminated by the lamp. Incandescent lamps have a CRI above 95. Cool white fluorescent lamps have a CRI of 62, however fluorescent lamps containing rare-earth phosphors are available with CRI values of 80 and above.