Hazardous Location LED High Bays


    Hazardous location LED high bays are designed to provide a energy-efficient and powerful lighting solution to support some the market's most hazardous, high-ceiling commercial and industrial applications. These Class I Division 2 luminaries help to minimize the risk of fire or explosion in a variety of different settings that include oil refineries/rigs/offshore platforms, petroleum plants and pumping stations, mining operations, food and distilling productions sites, storage facilities, and more thanks to their unique design.

    These LED hazardous location high bays secure all of their wiring within, while using hard conduit in the construction of their pendant and yoke mounting accessories to help further protect the wiring. They also feature a T4 rating to ensure a low operating temperature. With all of these design elements combined, the risk of igniting vapors or gases in the atmosphere is further reduced.

    Our hazardous location LED high bays are available in 150W and 200W versions with a 5000K color temperature, each delivering 20,700 lumens and 27,600 lumens of light respectively. These corrosion-resistant fixtures also feature a shatterproof tempered glass lens for enhanced durability. Engineered, which helps them to operate in applications with temperatures ranging from -4ºF to 104ºF. With an IP66 rating, the fixture's internal elements are protection against the intrusion of high-pressure water, dust, or other particles that are often present in harsh industrial applications.

    4 products

    4 products