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Gun Range Lighting

When it comes to a gun range, having the proper lighting is absolutely crucial, with each area of the range having different needs in terms of illumination solutions. Below are some suggestions for implementing the best gun range lighting.

In the staging area of a gun range, firearms are constantly being reloaded, which requires a bright lighting solution for the best visibility. Even though its tempting to choose lighting fixtures that are high in lumen output, we recommend not going that route. You will end up overdoing your staging area with lumens, creating a blinding effect that it makes it harder for the eyes to adjust to the darker area of the downrange. The ultimate goal is to choose lighting fixtures with mid to lower end high range lumen output focused beam scope rather than them being widespread.

Glares can create major issues in areas where visibility is a key. An ideal way to avoid this problem altogether is by choosing fixtures with a good mix of up light and down light. Another option you should consider is implementing fixtures with a built-in reflector to help cast the light downward while absorbing some of the glare. Also, take note of where the light spread will be cast to avoid issues with any bounce back glares such as light directed at a metal surface, which will create unwanted glare as a result.

Even though lighting doesn't need to be overly bright in the downrange area, you don't want it to be so shadowy customers can't see the target, resulting in every shot being a near miss. Instead, the light should be cast in a way that it focuses on the target and the shadows fall between the rows instead of directly on a target.

Adding in timers and controls can help save on utility costs with any type of lighting system. For example, install timers that will shut off lighting at the end of the business day and turn it on at the start of a day. Timers can also ensure that lights are not active when lanes are not in use.

You can also use lighting to your advantage. For your LEO patrons, install some blue, red, and white lights that help mimic emergency vehicle lights, which is a great way for law enforcement offices to hone their skills under sensory distractions.