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Grocery Store Lighting

Just like other retail applications, grocery store lighting needs to provide a pleasant shopping experience. For instance, traditional lighting options like fluorescent tend to flicker, buzz, and provide a low quality light output, which can lead to customers leaving the store early and not return, or even complain. Below are some suggestions on choosing the best grocery store lighting for your application.

Since most grocery stores and supermarkets already have a tough time increasing produce and food sales, they don't need another obstacle standing in the way like lighting. Having proper lighting installed in a grocery store that provides adequate illumination and high color contrast (to make items stand out) will provide a variety of benefits. We recommend using an LED lighting solution when it comes to grocery stores, it offers a higher quality light output while saving on energy consumption. It also works will in areas with cold temperatures like display and walk-in coolers, while producing less heat. This helps to keep cooling costs down while maintaining proper illumination in the back and in the display freezers and coolers. Also, using LED lights in a grocery store will help reduce lighting energy costs by up to 75%, while providing a solution with a longer lifespan.

LEDs also provide a more directed light, which can play a huge role in grocery store lighting. Since, LED solutions are directional by nature, they allow less light to be wasted and more light to be directed to where its needed like shelves. Having directional lighting installed in grocery stores helps items pop and stand out from the rest.

Grocery store customers will truly appreciate the improved visibility and comfort provided by an LED lighting solution. It will help create a unique experience in your grocery store, while providing a lighting solution that is both professional and sustainable.