In 1985, Gripple was formed in Sheffield, England with the simple idea that there were better ways that two pieces of wire could be connected together, thus the Gripple fastener was born. Over the years, Gripple has won several awards for their innovative solutions.

    Gripple is known for their hangers because they make installation much easier. One of the great features of their hangers is that you do not have to cut or crimp them, you simply make the adjustments in the field without the need of any tools. The Gripple express hanging kits can literally make installation up-to six times faster than other hanging kits. The Gripple Y-Toggle kit is specifically designed to make the hanging of high bays an easy process. The Gripple Express Loop Hanger is designed to reduce the installation time of fixtures. Gripple hanging kits can handle up-to 100 pounds of weight and come in 60 inch and 120 inch lengths.

    All of Gripple's products go through extensive quality control testing. They have manufacturing plants across the entire globe, with several based in the United States.