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Green Creative LED Corn Lights

Stars and Stripes Lighting offers an expansive selection of HID LED retrofits from Green Creative. Choose from a lineup of economical corn lights to replace existing 70-400W HID systems. We have powerful post top and wall pack retrofits that are designed to tackle the most demanding applications such as warehouse lighting, security lighting, gas station canopies, and more. They feature CoolSink passive cooling system technology, allowing air to flow freely through the lamp, increasing the cooling surface area to reduce the operating temperature of the LED, resulting in longer bulb life and less maintenance. All models are UL listed, and are available in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, with a 120-277V universal voltage. These retrofit HID LED bulbs are easy to install, simply bypass the fixture's existing ballast and enjoy the savings LED technology will provide for years to come.