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Furniture Store Lighting

For a furniture store, the lighting needs to be tailored so it meets the needs of this unique location. When it comes to furniture store lighting, there are several options to consider for this location that will provide the best results. Below are a few suggestions to help plan for the most appropriate lighting for your furniture store!

If you're looking at which furniture store lighting would best fit your location, there are a few different fixture types that could provide the ideal solution. Track lighting is a very popular choice for this type of location, since it gives a clean, directed light spread, which will help draw the customers eyes to selected areas that are highlighted. If you're trying to highlight a particular area, track lighting is a perfect solution, but it can also help add to the overall general lighting of the space in terms of lumen output. They're also very easy to install and offer an attractive appearance. Many options are capable of being adjusted as needed, which adds to their versatility as a lighting solution for this type of location.

While track lighting is important for highlighting areas and adding to the general lighting plan, it should not be used as the only source of illumination in the showroom of a furniture store. There is still a need for general lighting fixtures as well in this location. Recessed troffers are also a great solution because they are installed inside the ceiling for a clean look that is very easy to maintain over time. The goal is to ensure it doesn't overpower the track lighting, or clash in color temperature to make these two very different fixture types work to the benefit of the space. Regardless of which color temperature you choose for the recessed troffers for general lighting, it should be similar to the track lighting color temperature to create a visually pleasing look.

Wall sconces are another popular light fixture for furniture store lighting. They help add pleasing light in areas that are hard to illuminate, and when placed on walls throughout the space, a pleasing mix of uplight and downlight can be created. Some people may already have wall sconces already installed in their home for ambiance, which can help provide them a visual aid when shopping for furniture for their home.

One important factor that is not always properly addressed when choosing furniture store lighting is the color temperature. The color temperature is how warm (yellow) or cool (white) the illumination is coming from a light fixture. Typically the color temperature in a residential living room is a warm yellow that creates a relaxing vibe everyone needs in their home after a long day, however this is the wrong approach for a store showroom with living room furniture on display. In fact, furniture stores frequently lose sales because of this one aspect. For example, a warm color temperature can make furniture look washed out and the showroom appear dim like you're trying to hide something. There has also been many studies that have shown consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they perceive the shopping space is bright and well-lit. We recommend you opt for a cooler color temperature on the white side of the scale, rather than the yellow side. This will ensure your furniture is properly highlighted and will create a better shopping environment for consumers.

In addition to color temperature, lumen output is also an important factor that needs to be considered when choosing fixtures for your location. If you try to light a space with too many lumens, it will create an uncomfortable feeling for customers eyes, which will likely discourage them from wanting to browse. However, if you implement a solution that is too low in lumens, it will make the space look dim and shadowy, which will also help persuade customers to walk out the door faster. The goal is implementing a lighting solution with the most appropriate lumen output depends on the square footage of your location. Its a great idea to take into account of how many lumens per square foot you will need and then break that up with a variety of different fixtures with controls, which will allow you to adjust the lumens as needed.

LED solutions should be at the top of your list when looking at furniture store lighting. Since a furniture store needs lights for all hours of operation, implementing a cost-effective lighting solution is important to controlling lighting costs. LED helps create consistent, high-quality illumination, while operating at a lower wattage than other options on the market. It is also long lasting, which helps save on replacements and repairs over time as well.