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Fluorescent Lay-In Troffers

About Fluorescent Lay-In Troffers

T8 fluorescent lay-in troffers are a great choice for medium- and large-scale offices, homes, schools, and other applications requiring unobtrusive recessed commercial lighting fixtures. T8 troffers utilize T8 fluorescent tubes that will help provide up to 24,000 hours of illumination, they feature electronic T8 ballast with instant-on technology. These fixtures offer a clean, efficient light output with quick and easy installation. T8 Fluorescent Lay-In Troffers give you a widespread task office lighting that will reduce energy costs compared to traditional models but also will provide constant even light output that will increase workers productivity.


Stars and Stripes Lighting carries a wide variety of different sizes of T8 fluorescent lay-in troffers which include 1-foot by 4-foot, 2-foot by 2-foot, and 2-foot by 4-foot options. We also carry different styles that include standard acyrlic lensed lay-in troffers, parabolic lay-in troffers, and sleek center basket lay-in troffers. The traditional acrylic lensed troffer helps diffuse the light output being emitted enabling you to have a comfortable working environment where the light would not be as bright. For areas that need a lot of light, the parabolic troffer is the perfect choice since it does not have a diffusor most of the light emitted projects evenly throughout the space where they are installed. If you want the ultra-sleek and modern look you can not go wrong with a center basket troffer, the light is nice and bright but not to harsh making an ultra-comfortable working environment.

Even though T8 Lay-Ins are more energy efficient than the traditional T12 models, LED Troffers are more energy efficient and last longer than T8 models. Even though LEDs are more efficient and longer lasting than T8s; there are still advantages of getting the T8 fluorescent lay-in troffer, with the most obvious being the upfront costs. If you need help with a layout or have a question about any of these products feel free to reach out to one of our customer service representatives. Order your fluorescent lay-in troffers today from Stars and Stripes Lighting.