Fixture Hangers

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Gripple 120" Express Loop Hanger
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Gripple 60" Express Loop Hanger
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Gripple 120" Y-Toggle Hanger
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Gripple 60" Y-Toggle Hanger
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Gripple Fixture V-Clip

At Stars and Stripes Lighting, we try to put ourselves in the installers shoes, in determining ways to make installation a little bit easier. Our fixture hangers, are designed to hold your lighting fixture securely in place. These hangers make installation super-quick and easy. We even offer complete kits and replacement parts to upgrade or repair the hanging method you're currently using. A latch hook kit is ideal for high bays and makes the installation of metal halide replacments simple. Our inventory also features high bay mounting plates that mount to four-inch junction boxes. A gripple hanger kit greatly reduces installation time. These hanging systems come with two gripple loop hangers, two v-clip fixture hangers and one adjustment tool. They require no crimping or cutting required, making a fixture's installation a breeze.