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Fitness Center Lighting

Whether you are planning a new construction or renovation project, finding the right LED lighting for fitness centers can seem a little overwhelming. What makes this process difficult at times, is the fact that fitness centers have several different areas where the lighting needs vary thus requiring different fixtures. Below are a few suggestions and tips on selecting the proper lighting for your fitness center.

Members spend the majority of their time in the workout areas, so this is one of the most important areas to make sure the lighting is on point. Many fitness center owners believe we have to go with the most light output available. However, you need to do the complete opposite, choose a LED fixture with a cool white color temperature, this helps to ensure the light will not be too harsh on fitness center member's eyes. Make sure the fixture has a nice diffuser, like a matte or gloss white lens, this helps to reduce glare from the LEDs. You can also go a step further and get a fixture that has 0-10V dimming capabilities, which allow you to adjust the light level to your preference. There a large variety of fixtures that work great for workout areas depending on the ceiling height. If your fitness center has ceiling height that is between 10 - 12 feet, we recommend going with a linear strip lights. On the other hand if your ceiling height exceeds 12 feet, you need to start looking at high bay fixtures to ensure that you get enough light on the floor area. Lastly, make sure you to take into account where each workout machine will be located, since many of them can be reflective and enhance glare levels.

When selecting the fixtures to go in your gym locker rooms, a brighter color temperature is more appropriate than a cooler one. Members want to be able to see when they are changing into or out of their workout gear, so they want a brighter light, the same goes for the shower areas. In these areas you can mix and match the types of fixtures, just make sure the color temperature and lumen output is within the same range for both areas. Vapor tight fixtures are a great fixture choice that can be used in both areas since they have IP65 and IP66 ratings, making them waterproof.

In this area, you need to go with a fixture that is UL Listed for a wet location environment. There are a couple of different options that we would recommend. The first would be the vapor tight fixture, in a linear or high bay form depending on ceiling height. Another option if you have a ceiling, you can go with a UFO high bay, which is versatile since it can be hung from the ceiling or mounted to the wall. Either fixture is a solution but make sure that you do not over-light this area. Instead make sure is comfortable and inviting for your members.