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Fabrication Shop Lighting

Fabrication shops need lighting solutions that are reliable, since it is very difficult to do the required work when visibility is subpar. If improper lighting is installed, costly accidents and mistakes could potentially occur. So, by placing the right lighting solutions into place, you can rest assured that you will have a safe and productive work environment that will help keep your business on track. Below are a tips that will help you navigate through all fo the best available fabrication shop lighting options.

Due to budget concerns, many business owners sacrifice quality when it comes to lighting to save a bit of money. Its true that certain lighting solutions are more affordable at the initial point of purchase, however they are not as durable as more costly options. For instance, an LED option may costs more upfront than a fluorescent option, but the reason for this is because LED will give a better return on the initial investment than the fluorescents. LEDs are the most efficient light source when comes to utility costs, output, and longevity, which means you will save every month on electricity costs and the bulbs will last significantly longer than other options available.

Another good point for fabrication lighting is to choose the most durable options for your location. Check the IP rating on internationally manufactured lights and the NEMA rating on domestic lights, as well as the UL and DLC listing, to ensure your getting a light that is suitable for your environment. For example, a light fixture that is waterproof, dustproof, and shatterproof is a much better solution than other fixtures that do not feature those protections.

Even though general lighting is crucial, the most important locations fabrication shop lighting is needed is the work areas. So, we suggest implement task lighting should be a top priority for your work areas to help improve visibility. You should take note of the anticipated work plane when choosing lighting fixtures for these areas. For instance, if you have work benches or work tables, you should calculate the lumen output that is needed before implementing task lighting. You need to make sure the room is bright enough to see the work at hand, however you should also ensure that its not overly harsh to where it can be painful for eyes of workers. A general rule of thumb is to calculate one-foot candle of light density per square foot of space. We recommend that you allow for adjustable lighting options, such as dimmable lights, so the lumen output can fluctuate as needed.