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Stars and Stripes Lighting is committed to bringing you the most advanced LED lighting on the market. We are continuously adding qualified Energy Star LED lighting to our portfolio. Stars and Stripes Lighting has partnered with best LED manufacturers in the industry to provide qualified Energy Star LED light bulbs and fixtures to Stars and Stripes Lighting customers.

Why ENERGY STAR Qualified?

In short, qualified Energy Star LED lighting has passed stringent life and quality tests set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). These tests include LM79 (Light Output and Quality Verification), LM80 (Chipset Output and Lifespan Testing), L70 (Integrated Chipset and Product Lifespan testing of at least 6,000 hours). Because qualified Energy Star light bulbs have passed these tests it may be eligible for a rebate in your area via your utility and/or municipality.

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