Emergency Ballasts

Making sure you have reliable lighting during the even of an emergency is extremely important. If there is a power outage or fire, emergency lighting helps to guide patrons, workers and individuals safely towards an exit. Having fluorescent lighting with a battery backup ballast installed in your building can mean the difference between a safe and easy evacuation or complete chaos that can leave someone injured or even dead.

We carry a full-line of fluorescent emergency ballast and lighting systems from top manufacturers like Keystone. We carry a variety of products to accommodate the needs of any workplace, from small workshops, retail stores, large office buildings and more. Our selection of fluorescent emergency ballast systems are available at affordable prices that will fit within your budget. Our inventory of battery backup ballast and fluorescent emergency ballast products are top-quality, meeting the guidelines set by OSHA, NEC, NFPA 101 and UL 924. All of our available products are energy-efficient and long lasting.