Are you looking to replace or upgrade your current doorbell system? We offer several different types of doorbells, doorbell chimes, doorbell cameras, decorative doorbell buttons, and more. Regardless of whether your looking add an innovative touch by connecting to Wi-Fi, or your comfortable with a traditional wired-chime doorbell, we have a solution that will coordinate with your lifestyle.

    • Wi-Fi video doorbell allows you to connect your doorbell from a smartphone or other device. This is ideal if you travel often and want to keep up with delivers, pet sitters, and more. Its also good at deterring criminal activity as well.
    • Wired doorbell is connected to a home's existing electrical wiring. Most traditional doorbells are wired.
    • Wireless doorbell operates by transmitting a signal to the chime box, completely eliminating the need for a wired connection.

    There is more to doorbells now than there used to be. Today, there are doorbells that have integrated cameras, two-way chat capabilities and more. You can even add a security doorbell to monitor your home from anywhere on the planet. This will allow you to communicate with visitors using a two-way speaker and mic.

    Whether your searching for a simple doorbell button, doorbell kits, a wireless chime, or want to upgrade to a doorbell camera, we're confident you'll find exactly what your looking for at Stars and Stripes Lighting.