Deco Lighting

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Deco 40 Watt 2x2 LED Volumetric Flat Panel - 4000K - 4,000 Lumens - 120-277V
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Deco 2x4 35 Watt LED Flat Panel - 4000K - 4,500 Lumens - 120-277V
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Deco 1x4 30 Watt LED Flat Panel - 4000K - 3,500 Lumens - 120-277V
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Deco 2x2 30 Watt LED Flat Panel - 4000K - 3,400 Lumens - 120-277V

Deco Lighting is dedicated to providing everyone with beautiful and sustainable luminaires. Deco's commitment to providing innovative quality products helps them to shop today's lighting industry and beyond.

Deco Lighting's line of products are built with a vision of quality which allows them to be one of the most recognized providers of innovative, environmentally-friendly and top-quality fixtures for commercial and industrial markets. Deco Lighting has a sharp eye for design keenness with cutting-edge LED technology advancements, which makes their brand so trusted in the lighting industry.

Stars and Stripes Lighting offers an extensive selection of products from Deco Lighting. Deco Lighting's LED fixtures are designed and built from the ground-up with integrated advanced technologies that provide a conversation piece for any building. Deco Lighting, a trusted brand in the lighting industry, ensures the highest quality components and back each fixtures with a unbelievable ten-year warranty.