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Cyber Tech Lighting

Cyber Tech Lighting has over 40 years of experience in lighting. They have a commitment to craftsmanship that has produced some aesthetically pleasing and highly-functional LED lighting fixtures. Cyber Tech Lighting is always developing cutting edge, innovative products that help to meet the demands of contemporary lighting applications. All their products are quality from top to bottom, starting with development, materials and components, production methods, testing and final inspection. You can rest assured that you get a quality product from Cyber Tech Lighting.

Cyber Tech Lighting hands down has some of the best LED work lights on the market. With handheld and tripod mount options, they have something for every application. Featuring LED technology, these work lights are designed to continue to burn where traditional models fail. They have a convenient magnetic base to stick to metal surfaces, have standard wall plug chargers and car chargers, and cushioned handle for comfortable grip. Stars and Stripes Lighting has a wide selection of Cyber Tech Lighting products available. Browse our selection today and start saving.