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Cruise Ship Lighting

Every location has its own unique lighting needs, a cruise ship is no exception because it certainly is one of the most unique locations. From the challenges that exterior lights can present on the deck to the cabin areas, lighting these areas have several key factors to consider. Below are a few suggestions on choosing the right cruise ship lighting.

LED fixtures are designed to last longer and burn brighter than other lighting types, resulting in a better return on your initial investment over time. When it comes to dealing with larger passenger ships, such as the common size of cruise ships, implementing the most economical solution is always the best choice. Based on the fact that LED can provide anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 hours of continuous burn time with a lower wattage consumption than other options, is what makes it the best investment. Another reason LED is good for a cruise ship setting is because they do not produce heat, which can become a problem in areas with close quarters. Also, LED lights are pretty even-keeled in terms of output, there is no rattling or flickering that is commonly found in comparative fluorescent models.

If you're looking at selecting lights for the exterior areas, it is important to choose something that is IP rated and UL listed for wet locations. For example, a dust-proof and waterproof fixture such as a LED surface mount or wall mounted option with the proper rating, can give you years of long-lasting performance. A quick FYI, choose a fixture with thick gaskets that are made of durable materials such as silicone to achieve the best overall results.

Even though most cruise ships are limited when it comes to the use of natural light, there are still options available where natural light can be used to some degree. Whether its from the balcony window in the cabins, or smaller windows located throughout the communal areas, the more natural light you can utilize, the better overall experience.

If a cruise ship has poor lighting, guests can start to feel confined. An ideal way to combat this situation is with the use of artificial lighting that has the same color tone as natural light. To help implement this solution, look for lighting with at least a 5000K color temperature for a cool, white tone that mimics the blue sky. Also, stay away from lighting with lower Kelvin ratings, which will present warm yellow tones.