Cree LED Lighting - Brand - Stars and Stripes Lighting


Founded in 1987, Cree is considered by many one of the pioneers and innovators of the LED lighting industry. Widely known by many for their lighting-class LEDs, they are uniquely positioned to innovate new ways in which lighting will serve as a platform for emergency technologies. Cree is known for their LEDs producing the same constant color every-time, with no variations like other brands. This is why so many lighting manufacturers incorporate their LEDs into their fixtures. One of the great things about Cree is that they make it simple and affordable to upgrade to LED.

We carry a large variety Cree lighting products at Stars and Stripes Lighting that include, LED high bays, flat panels, troffers, downlight retrofits, dusk-to-dawn lights, canopy lights, bulbs and much more. If your looking at upgrading or installing new lighting in general office applications, check out Cree LED Troffers and Flat Panels. They will not only help to cut-down on energy consumption and provide a lighting system with longevity, but will transform the look of the space as well.

Cree LED High Bays help to address virtually every aspect of applications with high ceilings. They help to get-rid of inefficient HIDs, and provide you with a reliable instant-on, energy saving alternative. When it comes to commercial lighting, Cree has a lighting fixture for it. 

Upgrade your recessed lighting with Cree LED downlight retrofits. They will allow you to replace old worn-out trims with sleek, new LED versions. Many of Cree LED Lighting fixtures feature a five or ten year warranty. Allowing you to basically install it and forget it!