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Convention Center Lighting

When it comes to convention center lighting, the quality of light can play an important role in the success of an event. Implementing the right lighting solution will allow you to create the right ambiance that is required for an event, helping to not only influence the mood of attendees but also help keep them engaged. Below are a few suggestions on how to choose the best lighting for your convention center.

For years, many convention centers have been plagued by poor lighting. With the evolution of LED technology, you can implement lighting fixtures that provide a significant improvement in the quality of light that is being delivered, while creating a better overall better environment that will help your business succeed. Replacing older lighting fixtures with LED will help generate up to 75% in energy savings for your convention center. Typically these lights are operating for several hours per day, a convention center could save thousands of dollars in energy costs. Also, LEDs generate much less heat than other light sources. They will help keep the convention center's temperature comfortable, while also reducing the need for the use of air conditioning, helping to generate additional savings.

If your looking to reduce the maintenance required by your lighting fixtures in your convention center, LED is the way to go. Many LEDs have a long rated life, with many lasting between 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which means you won't have to worry about maintaining or replacing them. This helps to eliminate the costs of having to constantly replace lamps and ballasts, as well as labor.

Using LED fixtures in a convention center will also produce a higher-quality light output. This is especially important during exhibitions, where the customer's attention needs to be captured. It will help help them closely examine intricate details such as the colors and textures of products. Also, having good illumination will help give customers a positive impression of your establishment. It will help influence their purchasing habits, which lead to more sales for your exhibitors. The bright light that is produces will help promote a clean and fresh appearance as well.

LEDs typically have high color indexes, which will help make objects appear as they would in natural light. Products being exhibited in a convention center, will look better because of the high CRI. For example, lights with a CRI of 80 or above will make the colors and textures of the displayed products stand out. This will enable customers to see their details better, leading to more sales and conversions for the exhibitors.

It's also important that your convention center is bright at all times. Unlike traditional options that require a restrike time, LED lights come on instantly and provide instant brightness. This is very important when events are being held. For example, if the power goes out suddenly, event attendees will not be covered in complete darkness. Also, it's important to keep in mind that an LEDs performance is not affected if they're frequently turned on and off, unlike fluorescent lamps.

Unlike conventional lighting fixtures, LEDs are compatible with lighting control systems like dimmers and occupancy sensors. This will allow you to easily integrate controls with a existing LED lighting system or purchase lights with pre-installed controls. Also, LEDs are even tunable and are available in different color temperatures, which will help you create the right atmosphere for your convention center.

LED lighting is also more focused and uniform. In a convention center this is very important since some exhibits require different areas to be illuminated. For example, some lights may be needed to highlight products to make them more appealing to visitors, while not creating shadows or dark spots. LED lights will help ensure all areas of your convention center will be bright, helping to reduce the chance of accidents and other dangers from occurring.