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Convenience Store Lighting

Every business has its own unique requirements when it comes to lighting. However, convenience store lighting is straightforward since most have the same areas in need of illumination. Below are a few suggestions to help you find the right convenience store lighting for your location.

Having a properly illuminated sign is especially important for a convenience store, since it will help draw attention to your location. You want to choose a type of lighting that is bright and powerful. Implementing a LED light to illuminate your sign is the best solution for several reasons. LEDs are long lasting and require no warmup time, while offering superior brightness with cooler operating temperatures, which makes it the most cost efficient and energy saving option.

Customers want to feel safe when they go to a convenience store, especially when they are pumping gas at night. So, having the appropriate lighting installed in your canopy over the pumps is crucial. For instance, if your canopy is poorly lit, it will create a safety concern for customers, making it seem like the business does not care about its customer’s well-being. We recommend installing high bays to deliver a wide scope of bright light in this area.

When it comes to the walkways and parking area, you need to take the same approach as the canopy. You want to choose lighting options that will make your customers feel safe. If proper lighting is implemented for walkways and parking areas, fewer incidents of crime and personal accidents will occur. For parking lot areas, we recommend adding light poles with high-powered LEDs that are designed to withstand the elements without damage. Walkways can be illuminated in various ways. We recommend using wall mounts with accompanying accent or directional lights. However, you need to make sure you choose options that are well-gasketed and listed for use in wet locations to avoid any damage caused by the weather.

Since the back door is often used by employees to receive deliveries, take out trash, and sometimes used as the exit at the end of the night, its important that this area is adequately illumination for security reasons. For this area, we recommend installing vapor tight fixtures that are mounted to the wall directly above the door. You can even add a metal cage for increased protection.

The interior of the convenience store needs lighting that is bright, but not overly harsh. There have been several studies that have shown stores with better lighting have more sales because customers are more comfortable with spending. This is one of the most versatile areas of your lighting plan. Depending on the ceiling space, we recommend using surface mount, suspended, or pendant mount fixtures that are incorporated with a LED or fluorescent light source, depending on your preference.