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Commercial LED Downlights

Stars and Stripes Lighting carries a full selection of commercial LED downlights. All of our commercial recessed downlights can be used in a wide variety of applications including hospitals, malls, offices, and airports. Shop our complete collection of commercial LED downlights below:

Using only a fraction of energy that similar incandescent and HID fixtures use, commercial LED downlights can help reduce energy costs and last far longer. These fixtures are available in a variety of sizes that range from 4 to 10-inches in diameter. Some of our commercial LED downlights have adjustable lumen and wattage outputs that can be set to match the needs of your application. The majority of commercial downlight fixtures we offer feature a high CRI, which makes color appear more accurate and brighter. Dimmable commercial LED downlights will allow you to adjust the light output produced so you will have the perfect ambiance for your space. For additional savings, select downlights that are Energy Star certified.

Our selection of commercial LED downlights come in two different types, IC rated and non-IC rated. IC rated downlights can be used in areas where the downlight is in direct contact with insulation. These downlights offer better heat distribution so that the driver and LEDs don't overheat. Commercial IC rated downlights are great for use in new construction applications, or can be used for remodeling projects as well.

Commercial LED downlights that are non-IC rated are designed for use in areas that are not in contact with any insulation. There needs to be at least 3-inches of space between the insulation and the fixture. If insulation or other materials come in contact with the fixture there could be a risk of igniting since they do not dissipate heat as well. That is why non-IC rated downlights are preferred for remodeling projects.

Stars and Stripes Lighting is here to help to answer any questions concerning the products we offer. If you have any questions, or just need help finding the right commercial LED downlights for your project, give one of our lighting experts a call today.