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Casino Lighting

When in the design phase of a casino, the layout is the most important factor that needs to be addressed because it is integral to the success of the establishment. There are so many factors that must coincide to help make the casino a success. One of the most important elements in addition to the actual layouts of the casino is the element of lighting. Since, lighting plays an important role in determining moods and spending habits of people, implementing the right lighting for casinos can determine if you're location will be profitable or a failed business. Below are some suggestions to help you choose the best lighting for casinos.

When it comes to a casino setting, you really want to avoid installing bright lights with cool temperatures. Instead, this location will highly benefit from more ambiance lighting, rather than lighting focused on visibility. The key of lighting this location is to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, which will encourage guests to linger. Bright lights in cool temperatures are not the most inviting, since tend to cause people to be more alert. Opt for warmer temperatures closer to the yellow range of the CRI to create lighting that will encourage them to stay. We suggest you should aim for around 3500K-4000K for the best overall results.

The intensity of the lumen output also needs to be taken into account. Since, a casino will have several light sources competing at once, it is best to mix and match the lumen outputs throughout the space to help create layers of lights instead of having one unified appearance.

Slot machines are designed with bright colors and exciting lights to help attract the eye of customers. Since, the machines will give off a significant amount lighting in the space, you want to ensure lighting is directed away from the screens of slot machines to avoid issues with glare. We recommend using diffusers and anti-glare shields to help eliminate glare as much as possible. Adding these tools will help create a more evenly distributed illumination spread, instead of it being concentrated all in one place, which can ultimately lead to screen glare.

Another important factor that needs to be considered is the height of ceiling your casino has, which will help determine what lighting solutions would be most suitable. Many casinos have lower ceilings to create a more home-like feel, which encourages customers to stay and get comfortable. Taking this into account, you need to choose lighting that is ideal for lower ceilings. For example, using an option that produces a lot of heat or highly concentrated light spread intended for use in higher ceilings, would be a complete disaster.

Since, casinos need to create and maintain a certain level of ambiance for an inviting atmosphere, you should implement several types of fixtures. Having multiple fixtures types that are correctly placed will provide a much better look to guests. Obviously, don't recommend a bunch of mismatched fixtures installed all over the place. For example, you should choose the same wall sconces coupled with closely matching overhead solutions for use throughout the casino, which will help to create a visually pleasing environment.