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Carnival Lighting

There are several places people visit in their lifetime what automatically create a memory that is never forgotten. With the smell of cotton candy in the air, the sound of rides, and the bright lights, the carnival is definitely one of those unique settings that is easy to recall for many people. So, when it comes to lighting for carnivals, properly illuminating such a location has several important factors that need to be considered. Even though the overall lighting for general purposes in a carnival is typically covered by its organizers, the individual lighting elements for booths is up to the individual or vendor. Below are a few suggestions on lighting for carnivals to ensure your booth stands out.

When it comes to booths, most are typically placed outdoors, where natural light is provided. However, when the sun goes down, you still need light to help showcase your products to potential buyers. So, you want to ensure you have a lighting plan in place well before the start of the event in terms of sundown lighting solutions.

It is very important that people are able to clearly see the products your booth has to offer, which helps to ensure they're not purchasing something with shoddy craftsmanship or poor quality. The goal is to position lighting so that any shadowy recesses fall away from the products and more light cast on the products. An ideal way to do this is with clamp-on light solutions. These are more directional by nature, so you will be able to focus light where its needed most.

No matter what type of products you're selling to carnival patrons, using overly harsh temperatures will unfortunately make your booth seem less inviting. So, you really want to stay away from anything that is too drastic in terms of cool or warm. We recommend sticking to a middle ground by implementing a temperature of around 4000 on the Kelvin scale.

Tape lighting is a great option that can be run along the edges of a table in a booth., using to direct a walkway where one might not be present, or for highlighting products with an even casting of illumination. Most importantly, tape lighting tends to eliminate pesky shadows, which can make merchandise less appealing.

Keep in mind that customer see the exterior of your booth first. So, you need ensure it is attractive and well-lit! You can also add some portable lighting solutions that are similar to those seen at construction sites, or you could go with a gentler approach by using string lights outside the booth, but the goal is you have to add some type of outside lighting to help attract guests to your booth.