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BR30 LED Lamps

LED BR30 lamps are a great replacement for compact fluorescent and incandescent reflector bulbs and come in a wide variety of different color temperatures that range from 2700K warm white to 5000K daylight. These lamps are normally found in track lighting, recessed can lights and exterior flood lights. Most LED BR30 light bulbs feature a 120 degree beam angle that help spread the light output over large areas. Upgrading to LED requires zero maintenance with lifespans that can exceed 25,000 hours. They usually come with a 5 year warranty which cuts-down on the excessive replacement costs associated with traditional incandescent reflector lamps. LED BR30 lamps consume over 75% less energy and have a higher color rendering index. Shop our extensive list of top brands that include Curtis Mathes, Litetronics and Forest Lighting.