BR Light Bulbs

BR, also known as bulged reflector, bulbs are designed with a reflective coating to provide directional light. It provides a cone-like light beam that ranges in ranges from narrow spot to wide flood beam angles. The spot bulb has a narrow distribution pattern with a higher intensity at the center of the beam than a flood bulb in the same shape and wattage. These BR light bulbs come in three different sizes that are referred to as BR20, BR30 and BR40.

BR incandescent bulbs were frequently found in a variety of applications that needed general lighting. Unfortunately, they've quickly been replaced by LED versions because of their lower efficacy and shorter life. BR LED light bulbs are designed to last up-to 4 times as long as their incandescent predecessors, while requiring less than half the energy to operate.

We offer an extensive selection of BR LED bulbs in a variety of different wattages and color temperatures. When shopping for these bulbs it important to keep in mind that the BR refers to the shape of the bulb, and the number that comes after it indicates the diameter. For example, a bulb labeled as BR30 is a bulged reflector (BR) bulb that is 3.75" at the widest point. So, its important to check the size of the fixture housing first to make sure your new bulb will fit. Browse our collection of BR LED bulbs today, and find the replacement you've been searching for.