Ballasts & LED Drivers

It is very important to keep your lighting maintenanced to ensure that runs at full potential consistentantly. We carry a large selection of ballasts and drivers here at Stars and Stripes Lighting. We havve ballasts for fluorescent and HID (high intensity discharge) fixtures, as well as capacitors and ignitors, LED drivers, low-voltage transformers and step-down transformers in stock to help maintain the performance of your residential or commercial lighting fixtures.

The purpose of a ballast is to limit the current through the tube in fluorescent lamps. When your fluorescent lights begin to hum, flicker, or buzz, it is usually means its time for a replacement. Stars and Stripes Lighting carries a wide variety of fluorescent ballasts for T5, T8, T12, compact fluorescent, dimmable fluorescents and more. We carry top brands such as Keystone, Halco, GE, Hatch, and Philips Advance.

We also carry a large variety of different types of HID ballasts, including high pressure sodium and metal halide, here at Stars and Stripes Lighting. We carry top brands such as Keystone, Halco, Universal, and Hatch. HID ballasts are designed and rated to operate at temperatures as low as -20 degrees. Our HID ballasts utilize different technologies for operation such as electronic, f-can, and core/coil ballasts. Our ballasts coordinate with different wattage options ranging from 20 watts to 1500 watts. These ballasts will also accommodate different input voltages ranging from 120 Volts to 480 Volts.

Low voltage transformers help transform voltages from one level to another. We carry a great selection of low voltage transformers from brands like Hatch and Sollos Lighting. These transformers can operate LED, halogen, and incandescent lamp types. Most of the transformers we carry are dimmable when used in conjunction with compatible electronic low voltage dimmers.


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