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American Lighting Trulux LED Tape Light

Trulux lighting systems feature one of the most innovative and complete linear lighting systems available on the market. Trulux systems combine a wide selection of tape light, compatible wireless controls, and linear extrusions for limitless customization possibilities. You can quickly assemble custom fixtures with the wide range of matching components of the Trulux system. Start by choosing a type of tape, then a controller, and finally the extrusion that will suit your application's needs to create custom fixtures such as undercabinet lights, cove lighting, as well as step and stair safety lighting.

Complete Linear Lighting Systems

Trulux by American Lighting was the 2016 Lighting for Tomorrow Grand Prize Winner with its quality array of LED Tape Light choices. Trulux features one of the most complete linear lighting systems availble. They combine a wide variety of tape lighting, compatible wireless controls (including smart phones), as well as extrusions forĀ great customization.

Customization & Flexibility

With Trulux you get a versatile selection of high CRI tape light combined with controls and extrusions that allow for tailored lighting solutions for a multitude of applications. It allows you to choose from a variety of LED tape light that includes Single Color White, Tunable CCT, or RGB/RGB+WW light options that feature their own respective compatible controls.

Multi-Function Dimming & Controls

Trulux offers convenient wall mount and hand-held Radio Frequency and DMX controls that enables the expansion of functionality of applications. They feature WIFI options for larger projects that require control across multiple zones.

User Friendly Systems

One of the most innovative features of the Trulux system is that it allows you to build and make custom fixtures of your choice. It is very simple, first choose your type of LED tape light, a controller, and then an extrusion housing that suits your installation application. Trulux is not just undercabinet lights, it can be recessed drywall to pathways, and even submerged to illuminate a swimming pool.