A Shape Light Bulbs

A-shape, also referred to as standard shape, bulbs are the most common shape available on the market. These bulbs are commonly used in lighting fixtures, table lamps and recessed fixtures throughout a home. For many years, these incandescent light bulbs have been used by homeowners to illuminate the interior and exterior of their home. A shape light bulbs come in three different sizes that are referred to as A15, A19 and A21.

As technology has improved, incandescent a-shape light bulbs have been replaced with better LED versions. A-shape LED light bulbs provide several benefits over their incandescent predecessors. They are designed to provide up to 50,000 hours of uninterrupted illumination, which means you'll be able to enjoy doing other things rather than constantly having to replace light bulbs. These new a-shaped LED bulb emits up to 90% less heat than the traditional incandescent. Also, they provide the same amount of light while only using a fraction of the energy.

We offer an excellent selection of LED bulbs to replace your traditional incandescent light bulbs. Our a-shaped LED bulbs are offered in a wide range of wattages, bases, and color temperatures, so you'll find the right replacement that meets your individual needs.