A-Shape LED Lamps

A19 shaped incandescent light bulbs are one of the most commonly used bulbs in households. They have to be changed frequently and can have high utility costs every month. Replacing these with LED A-Shape Bulbs is one of the smartest investments in lighting you can make. Utilizing LED technology, these light bulbs last much longer with lifespans that can exceed 25,000 rated hours and have manufacturers warranties that can exceed 5 years. They consume significantly much less power, sometimes using up-to 90% less energy. Like traditional incandescent models, these lamps are fully dimmable allowing you to adjust the lights levels to your satisfaction. LED A19 Lamps come in a variety of different color temperatures that include 2700K warm white that mimics the warm glow given off by traditional incandescent modes, 3000K soft white which is blend of warm and cool color temperatures, 4000K cool white is exactly lives up-to its title emitting a cooler color light output, and 5000K daylight which looks brighter with its replication of sunlight. These LED A-Shape Bulbs require zero maintenance require less change-outs than their incandescent predecessors.