Yoga Studio Lighting

Yoga Studio Lighting

People that regularly practice yoga depend on having a relaxing environment that allows them to escape the hustle of their everyday life. Ensuring that a yoga studio has the appropriate lighting installed can help promote the form of relaxation that people need. Below are some suggestions for implementing the best yoga studio lighting.

For most people, natural sunlight helps to promote a feeling of relaxation and positive mind set. Since, the main goal of a yoga studio is to help people find peace and tranquility, lighting color tones that resemble that of natural light can aid in achieving that goal. Natural sunlight closely resembles a color temperature of 2700K, otherwise known as warm white. The majority of LED fixtures and bulbs have this color temperature option available, helping to make yogi's feel completely relaxed.

When practicing yoga, people spend the most time on the floor looking up at the ceiling than any other position. So, you do not want a lighting fixture that provides only downlight because it would become irritating on peoples eyes. We recommend using linear LED pendants that provide indirect lighting, meaning most of the light would reflect off the ceiling surface towards the floor. However, if you have limited ceiling height or obstructions that would not allow this option to be installed, you can always opt for fixtures with a built-in diffuser that will help soften the light output and eliminate unnecessary glare.

Finally, if your yoga studio has natural light that is pouring through windows or skylights, your artificial lighting does not need to be at full brightness constantly. We recommend using dimmable light fixtures, which will allow you to reduce the light levels being produced during the daytime hours and increase them to what's needed at night.

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