Storage Unit Lighting

Storage Unit Lighting

With the storage unit business booming in today's society as we all need extra space to store our stuff. If you own this type of business, implementing proper lighting is important to the overall comfort and convenience of your customers. However, this area can be tricky to light correctly, so below we have put togethers some suggestions on choosing the best storage unit lighting for both your business and customers alike.

When it comes to storage unit facilities, most do not have individual lighting that's inside the units themselves. Typically, lights are only in the hallways or just outside the unit, so it is very important to take this into consideration. So, how can owners of this type of business make up for the lack of light inside the actual storage unit?

If you have the ability to mount fixtures so they are overhead instead of mounting them to the wall outside the unit, you will see much better results. For example, installing outdoor wall sconce style lighting on the wall between the units will only provide up or downlight, with very little light spread coming from the sides to make it effective. So, choosing high powered fixtures that mount directly overhead in the halls helps provide the units suitable amounts of light. However, if you have to use wall mounted fixtures, we recommend that position them so the light spread goes into the unit across from the wall where the light is mounted to achieve the best results.

When looking for lighting fixtures with the most appropriate lumen output, keep in mind that the more lumens produced means the area will be brighter for customers. A general rule of thumb is that the exact lumen needs of the space will depend on the size of the hallways and how much light is being cast in the units.

A reflector on a fixture will help ensure that the majority of the light being produced will spread down and out, which can especially important in the storage unit business. Fixtures without a reflector, will have some uplight which will be cast towards the ceiling and the rest will be downlight cast to the ground, but when it comes to this type of application, you want to have mostly downlight for the best overall light spread.

If you're looking at what fixtures would be best for this unique location, LED needs to be at the top of your list for a few reasons. One, LED produces no heat during operation, which is ideal for tight spaces since you don't want to provide your customers with any discomfort when they're visiting their units. Also, LED offers the best in high lumen output to low wattages of energy consumed, which helps provide you with the bright lighting needed as previously mentioned, while also giving you lower utility costs from the operation of the lights. LED is also designed to lasts a long time, which means you'll be required to perform less maintenance in terms of lamp changes.

If you're the owner of a storage unit facility, you want to make sure you provide customers with lighting that is bright but not too overpowering yet still gives them enough light for proper visibility. Below we'll take a look at some common options you should consider for your business.

Strip lights are ideal for a range of storage applications such as hallways between units because of their long shape and concentrated light spread. These fixtures are commonly used due to their ability to casts ample light while maximizing tight spaces. They also can be mounted directly to the surface of the ceiling for added ease, which is very important in this type of area since storage unit facilities typically have aluminum or limited ceiling height for rigged up lights.

Barn lights are ideal for use in hallways or even inside of larger units where wiring is possible. These types of lights cast a wide circle of bright illumination, which makes them ideal when mounted high up to provide the best light spread in this unique location. Most are made from durable aluminum or other metal materials, which are designed to be long lasting for a great investment in the life of your business lighting plan.

If you're currently renting a unit from a storage facility, or if you're looking for solutions for your personal storage shed at home, there are a few options that are available you can implement to make things easier. Please note, you should always check with the owner of the storage facility if you're renting a unit before adding or using any lighting, which helps to ensure safety recommendations.

If your unit has power or access to a power outlet that is just outside on the wall, this can be beneficial when it comes to storage unit lighting, however make sure you check with the owner of the facility before plugging in lighting fixtures if you are renting a unit. Hanging lights are similar to construction lights and feature such elements as shatterproof bulbs, extra thick coating on the cord, and even a cage around the bulbs for added protection against shattering that can occur in such a tight space.

One of the easiest options to implement when it comes to storage unit lighting is portable construction lights. These can be very useful and practical for this type of space, since they provide high powered illumination you can take anywhere. They also are available in LED options, which tend to produce low heat, making them ideal for use in such a confined space without any worries. Even though you may be tempted to get the largest light available, we recommend sticking with smaller models because of the bright, high powered illumination they provide.

Another options you should look at is battery operated lighting solutions. These options are ideal since they do not require a main power source, which isn't always available in a storage unit or storage shed. With a variety of options available such as lanterns and even battery-operated lighting you can stick or mount to the wall, finding creative ways to light this unique space without running wires is now easier than ever.

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