Litetronics LED High Bay PL

Litetronics LED High Bay PL

Overview of Litetronics LED High Bay PL

The Litetronics LED High Bay PL is designed as a one-for-one replacement for traditional fixtures found in high ceiling applications. Upgrading to this LED fixture can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Eliminate operational delays caused by warm-up and re-strike times
  • Reduce energy costs by 60-80% when compared to HID fixtures
  • Eliminates routine maintenance costs that are associated with ballasts and short-life bulbs
  • Avoid safety concerns created by poor lighting conditions

The Litetronics PL LED high bay is a premium fixture, delivering top-of-the-line efficiency for applications with ceilings ranging from 20 to 40 feet.

  • Operates at 140 LPW (lumens per watt) with lumen levels ranging from 16,100 to 33,600
  • Rated for 100,000-hour lifespan in temperatures ranging from -40 Degrees F to 149 Degrees F
  • Provides focused, even light at a 110 degree beam angle to ensure coverage from fixture to fixture

The PL high bay fixture was also built for tough conditions, allowing it to be used across a range of industrial and commercial settings.

  • With an IP69K rating, this fixture is dust-tight and completely sealed to moisture, even from high pressure jets
  • The polycarbonate lens is impact resistant and durable across a range of temperatures
  • Superior surge protection (10kV) eliminates outages and repair costs caused by power surges

The Litetronics High Bay PL fixture can also be individually fine-tuned to deliver the right amount of light and functionality for your space. Select models feature a built-in sensor, enabling complete control over occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.

The LED High Bay PL from Literonics is also easy to install with a variety of mounting options to fit each application.

  • The standard snap hook enables easy snap hook attachment to existing HID layouts or structural mounts
  • A yoke mount bracket enables multi-directional lighting from any ceiling or wall mounted location
  • It can also be pendant mounted with 3/4" NPT pipe by simply unscrewing the snap hook

Most high ceiling facilities will benefit from having long lasting, low maintenance lights. Some of the common applications for the Litetronics High Bay PL fixture include:

  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Retail centers
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing floors
  • Sports facilities and gyms
  • Retail centers

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