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September 05, 2018 2 min read

Making sure that you have enough lighting to see by when you are working is extremely important. Proper lighting increases visibility and helps to ensure the job is done right. If you are looking at adding LED lighting for a machine shop, we have a couple of things that could help make sure you choose the correct lighting for your application.

Workspace Lighting

When you are selecting what LED fixtures will be your main or general light source, you need to evaluate the are where they are going to be installed. Most machine shops don't have a lot of natural lighting that come from windows and skylights, so making sure they have adequate lighting from the fixtures being installed is very important. We recommend going with LED lighting fixtures that have a daylight 5000K color temperature being emitted. It closely emulates natural sunlight and enhances worker visibility.

If you are looking for a fixture that will ensure you have enough light in your machine shop, we recommend going with LED high bays. These fixtures are designed to be mounted in applications with higher ceilings. The great thing about high bays is the fact they have multiple designs that can be incorporated in machine shops. Linear led high bays are great if you are looking to use them as a surface mount fixture and need a lot of light. Most even come with a lens diffuser that cuts-down on the glare from the LEDs. The other option would be a round LED high bay, it has the same classic circular design that traditional HID fixtures had but is extremely efficient. Besides light output and being energy efficient, these fixtures have IP65 and IP66 ratings which make them dirt, dust and water-proof. This comes in handy for machine shops because you can simply hose-down the fixture and your good as new.

Need Extra Task Lighting

Even if your general overhead lighting fixtures create a lot of light, you still may need some extra task lighting when trying to tackle intricate little jobs. Instead of straining your eyes and trying to see, add some LED shop light fixtures along your workbenches. This helps to really increase visibility and enhance worker productivity.

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