August 28, 2019 2 min read

Are you looking into improving or modernizing the lighting in your business? Lighting an office, retail space, basement, or garage? Saving some money? Replacing existing fluorescents? Then you definitely need to look at LED flat panels, as they are the ideal replacement for your current fluorescent troffers because of their superior longevity, modern look, cost savings, and control of light output.

An average fluorescent can last anywhere between 15,000 to 30,000 hours, the minimum life expectancy of LEDs we carry is 50,000 with some lasting up-to 100,000 hours or more. By making this small change, you're going to see anywhere from 2 to 6 times the rated hour performance with the installation of LED. You'll also save on replacement lamps and time. In addition to the savings on time and 1x4 LED Flat Panelreplacements, you could also save up to 80% on your yearly energy bill by replacing your current fluorescents with LEDs! So it raises the question, why keep giving money to the energy company when you can keep it for your business? Plus you'll be doing your part in helping to decrease waste and saving the planet at the same time.

In addition to lasting longer, the significant financial and environmental savings, LED flat panels provide a superior look over traditional options. The panels have edge-lit technology featuring an advanced lens that deliver smooth and even distribution of light to ensure your space will be properly illuminated. They also have an ultra-thin, modern look, allowing you to choose between the standard flush 2x2 LED Flat Panelinstallation in a drop grid ceiling like your fluorescents, or they also allow you to suspend them from the ceiling to provide that modern, sleek look. Most of them also give you the option of dimming, giving you the ability to adjust for the optimum brightness for your space.

Most of our inventory comes from recognized industry brands such as Deco Lighting, Keystone Technologies, Litetronics, and TCP. Our selection of LED light panels come in standard sizes of 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 with all three featuring color temperature options of 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. You can see everything we have available by visiting the following link 2x4 LED Flat PanelIf you're sure about what you need, you can go ahead and place your order. If you need additional help, such as deciding on the best option to suit your needs, our lighting experts are here to help with a free lighting layout or quote. We appreciate you choosing Stars and Stripes Lighting for your lighting needs.

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