Keystone DirectDrive LED Line Voltage Tubes

Keystone DirectDrive LED Line Voltage Tubes

Overview of Keystone DirectDrive LED Line Voltage Tubes

Upgrading fluorescent lights has never been easier thanks to Keystone's DirectDrive tubes. These innovative UL Type B LED tubes eliminate the need for an external driver or ballast. By utilizing a ballast bypass design, creates one less possible point of failure, which makes the fixture more reliable. Keystone's ballast bypass LED tubes also help save time on finding a compatible ballast.

By upgrading fluorescent lights to LED with Keystone DirectDrive tubes you'll save time and money in maintenance costs. For example, when a fluorescent light is frequently turned on and off the lifespan is drastically reduced, whereas LED tubes aren't affected nearly as much. Keystone's DirectDrive line voltage tubes will convert your fluorescent lights into an improved and energy efficient lighting system. Also these UL Type B LED tubes prevent energy from being wasted as it passes through the ballast.

Keystone DirectDrive LED Line Voltage Tubes Benefits and Features

  • Saves time, no need to find a ballast that is compatible
  • Improves the reliability and performance of the fixture with ballast bypass design
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to fluorescent equivalents
  • Conserves more energy compared to traditional fluorescents
  • Integral Keystone driver
  • Environmentally friendly (no mercury used)
  • Suitable for use in dry and damp locations
  • Exceptional efficacy with 140+ lumens per watt
  • Improved lamp durability (shatterproof coated glass optional)
  • DLC Listed
  • Classified cULus
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 50,000+ hour lifetime
  • 5 year warranty

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