GREEN CREATIVE 98258 PL V LED Lamp - 16.5 Watt - 42 Watt CFL Equal - 2-Pin or 4-Pin G24 or GX24 Base - Ballast Bypass - 4000K

by Stars and Stripes Lighting

The GREEN CREATIVE 98258 PL V LED lamp is built to replace 42 watt compact fluorescent lamps. It features a built-in universal voltage driver for easy bypass installation. The GREEN CREATIVE 16.5PLV/840/BYP has an innovative round design which makes it perfect for vertical recessed downlight applications.

  • 2-pin or 4-pin G24q or GXq base
  • 4000K color temperature
  • Consumes 16.5 watts
  • Replaces 42W CFL lamps
  • Ballast bypass
  • Round design
  • Compatible with G24d, GX24d, G24q & GX24q sockets
  • Exceptional efficacy 115 LPW
  • High output 1900 lumens
  • 5 year warranty

View the GREEN CREATIVE 98258 here

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