Euri Lighting EBG24-1100T LED G24Q Ballast Bypass LED - 12 Watt - 26 Watt CFL Replacement - 3000K

by Stars and Stripes Lighting

The Euri Lighting EBG24-1100T is a G24q-3 LED CFL retrofit bulb that is built to replace G24 PL Series CFL bulbs. This LED CFL replacement bulb is perfect for locations that require an abundance of light. The EBG24-1100T provides a faster ROI (return on investment) while using less energy and producing less heat. It also helps reduce labor costs on replacement materials and has a longer lifespan than equivalent CFL bulbs.

  • Driver built-In
  • Self-Ballasted LED bulb
  • Works with new construction
  • Same lumen output as equivalent CFL
  • No reflector required
  • Can also be used in new fixtures (ballast must be removed or shunting is required)

View the Euri Lighting EBG24-1100T here

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