Does a Higher Color Temperature (Kelvin) Bulb Produce More Light?

Does a Higher Color Temperature (Kelvin) Bulb Produce More Light?

When shopping for LED bulbs, the color temperature of the light, rated in Kelvin, is a frequently cited specification. Shoppers are often confused if buying a higher Kelvin bulb will produce more light. As we described in our Lumens vs. Kelvin FAQ, Lumens are a measurement of total light output while Kelvin describes the color of the light. LED bulbs of a higher Kelvin may appear brighter due to the higher contrast the cooler light provides but often are equal or just slightly brighter on a Lumens measurement.

When it comes down to it, ultimately the choice in color temperature should be made on the basis of which color of light you prefer, for the vast majority this will be the familiar 2700K soft white color we are used to. For those looking for a more daylight or higher contrast light, 4000K or higher color temperatures will provide this.

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