Dental Practice Lighting

Dental Practice Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for dental practices that creates a safe and inviting is extremely important. Many people are scared to go to the dentist, so lighting that creates a calm environment is a necessity. You want to have enough light to perform procedures but make your patients feel calm and at ease as well.

Most dental offices use standard lay-in troffers recessed within grid ceilings that are spaced evenly to create general lighting. Many dentists want to add the brightest light source for perfect visibility for procedures. However, you can add some decorative wall sconces to improve the aesthetics, which will create a more inviting feeling. This will help to keep your patient calm and make the procedure go much smoother. Also you can add decorative fixtures in the hallways, bathrooms and waiting areas, instead of having so many commercial lighting style fixtures. This makes the patient feel calm when they arrive and when they leave, thus creating a positive overall experience.

Choosing the right color tones or color temperatures for a dental practice is just as important as selecting the right fixtures. You want your patient to be able to fill out paperwork and insurance information when they are waiting for their appointment, so we suggest adding a bright 5000K daylight tone for the waiting rooms. In the procedure areas, hallways and bathrooms, a warm white 2700K or soft white 3000K would be more appropriate to create that inviting atmosphere to relax patients.

For years fluorescent lighting has been the go-to illumination source for dental practices. Now that LED technology has evolved, many dentists are installing or replacing those with fixtures like troffers and recessed lighting. Fixtures with LED technology have a ton of benefits that can make dental offices state-of-the-art. They allow you to select the appropriate color temperature, have flexibility in choosing the proper color tones and color temperatures, and reduce overall energy consumption. Another benefit of incorporating LED lights is their longevity. In the past, fluorescent lighting had to constantly be maintained to be at peak performance. With LED fixtures, you can pretty much install them and let them create a pleasant lighting output, without the need of continued maintenance.

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