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May 10, 2018 2 min read

Choosing the right lighting for your warehouse is extremely important. In the past, HID and fluorescent high bays were the most popular choice due to their ability to be installed in high ceiling environments. As technology has evolved, LED High Bay Lights have became the most popular choice. By utilizing LED technology, these high bays are extremely more efficient and have significantly longer lifespans. There are several different designs of these fixtures available that include LED Linear High Bays, LED Round High Bays and LED Ready High Bays. Each have their own unique features benefit the application of where they are installed.

If you have a warehouse application that has a very-high ceiling, the LED Linear High Bays are the most appropriate choice. These lights create an even light distribution and are highly efficient. Many feature dimming capabilities that will enable you to adjust the light levels to accommodate your lighting needs. These LED High Bays can be installed in warehouse applications with ceilings over 50 feet. Typically these fixtures have a 5 year warranty with a 50,000 hour lifespan, virtually making them maintenance-free. 

UFO LED High Bays feature a very low profile, sleek design that can be installed in virtually any application. These high bays, also known as Round LED High Bays, feature an IP65 and IP66 rating making them perfect for applications that have excessive moisture, dirt or dust. They also feature 0-10V dimming which enables you to adjust the light levels to suit your application. The Round LED High Bay packs a massive punch of light and come with a variety of different options for mounting. They have up-to a 7 year warranty with a 79,000 rated hour lifespan, which helps to cut-down on maintenance and replacement material costs. 

If your on a budget, LED Tube High Bays are one of the most economical choices on the market. The main reason these high bays are more affordable is the fact they do not require a driver. Instead, these utilize the LED T8 Lamps built-in internal driver. When the lamp eventually burns out, you simply discard it and install a new one. They still feature a 5 year warranty with up-to 50,000 rated hours like the LED integrated high bays. The downside of these fixtures is that they do not perform well in applications where the ceiling height exceeds 20 feet.

Stars and Stripes Lighting has a large selection of LED High Bays to illuminate your warehouse application. If you need additional help or questions, contact one of our customer service specialists.