Can I Use a Dimmable LED Light Bulb With a Regular (Non Dimmable) Light Switch?

Can I Use a Dimmable LED Light Bulb With a Regular (Non Dimmable) Light Switch?

Unlike traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs, LED light bulbs have the option to come in both dimmable and non-dimmable versions. This is because when LED light bulbs were first released, it was uncommon for them to be dimmable. As LED bulb internal electronics became more advanced, dimming became possible and ultimately we are at the point today where dimming is essentially a no-cost or low cost adder to most LED bulb types. Because of this, many manufacturers no longer offer a non-dimming option outside vendors who are pursing the lowest retail cost point possible.

If you do not have a dimming switch installed, does installing dimmable LEDs cause any issues?

The answer is absolutely not, dimmable LEDs when installed in a non-dimming switch will operate at 100% output and will run just as well as if they were installed with a dimming switch. Sure, there may be a non-dimming option available for a fractionally lower cost but generally speaking, if you plan on keeping your LED bulbs for a long time, it makes sense to choose the dimmable option.

What about installing LED bulbs that are non-dimmable with a dimming switch?

If you install a non-dimming LED bulb in a circuit with a dimming switch, it will likely operate normally if the dimmer is at its 100% or fully on. Dimming the bulb, will likely cause erratic behavior such as flickering or buzzing and ultimately may cause damage to the bulb. If you have to do this, we suggest keeping the bulb at full power. Again, as mentioned above, dimmable LED bulbs are overall a better investment.

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