Benefits of LED Troffer Lighting

Benefits of LED Troffer Lighting

Learn about The Benefits of LED Troffer Lighting

What are Troffers?

A troffer is a square or rectangular light fixtures that is intended to be placed, or recessed into a dropped ceiling grid. Traditionally, troffer fixtures were designed to accommodate fluorescent T8 or T12 bulbs. However, as technology has evolved, troffer lighting is now available in LED.

Benefits of LED Troffers

Energy Savings

One of the best benefits associated with LED lighting is the reduction in the consumption of electricity. For example, a conventional 2x4 fluorescent troffer light can use up to 160 watts per fixture. Whereas, the same fixture using LED technology typically only uses between 35 and 50 watts per fixture. So, the end result is between a 50% to 80% reduction in energy costs by simply switching to LED.

When you look at this comparison in dollars saved, converting or switching your lighting to LED saves up to $80 per fixture on a yearly basis in energy costs alone. Depending on how many fixtures your facility has, this figure can really add up.

Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Unlike conventional fluorescent troffer lights, LEDs are significantly better at generating light while progressing through their functional life. So what does this mean? The life expectancy of an LED troffer can fluctuate between 50,000 to 100,000 hours. They can also have up to a 10 year warranty depending on their respective manufacturer.

The major flaw in fluorescent troffers is the way they are affected by frequent on/off cycles, which weakens the ballast and lamps. The same does not apply to LED light fixtures. As a result, since extensive labor and cost of material will be eliminated, maintenance costs will be drastically reduced in areas where LED ceiling troffer lights are used. For example, in a typical commercial setting with multiple LED troffers, end users can expect to save an average of $3 in maintenance costs per fixture on a year to year basis.

Performance of LED Troffer Lighting

Now that we have covered the benefits you'll see with the reduction in maintenance and energy costs, the question of performance needs to be addressed. Especially in commercial applications, the performance of lighting cannot be compromised to save money.

When it comes to performance, LEDs are in a league of their own. Compared to other technologies, LEDs distribute light much differently. They provide a more evenly distributed foot candle level to the space beneath them. Also, LED troffers are available in a wide range of CCTs (correlated color temperatures), which gives end users the flexibility to apply a specific aesthetic look to their space. Additionally, high CRI (color rendering index) options are available, which help to ensure objects under the LED lighting can be clearly seen.

One of the often overlooked benefits of LED troffer fixtures is the ability to dim them. For end users accustomed to using fluorescents this is a significant upgrade. Dimmable LED troffers allow you to adjust the light output on a room to room basis without affecting the functionality of the lights themselves.


In conclusion, we've gone over the reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs you'll experience with LED troffer lighting, as well as the overall performance you can expect. If you would like to learn more, reach out to us here at Stars and Stripes Lighting. We would be thrilled to put together a free lighting assessment for you and/or your facility.

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