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September 09, 2018 2 min read

Today, many people use their kitchen for a variety of purposes, which makes it very crucial to make sure it is well-lit and comfortable. Even though making sure your design tastes are incorporated is important, adding LED recessed lighting (also known as downlights) to kitchen applications helps to make sure your lighting system is stays balanced.

Why use LED downlights?

The use of LED recessed lighting is great for general room illumination and helps to eliminate glare and shadows. Many people opt to go with standard 6" recessed lights because that has become the standard for years. However, since LEDs have higher lumen output, you can go with smaller sizes like 2" and 3" models. Since these are small apertures, it helps to create a less-obtrusive lighting design because of the large holes standard 6" cans require. They are terrific for walkways and open spaces, such as the space between the kitchen sink and island. Another great tip we recommend, is to evenly line-up the LED downlights halfway over the kitchen counter and the other half over the general floor area. This helps to add some task lighting to the kitchen countertops.

What color temperature should I choose?

Really the choice in color temperature for LED downlighting is entirely up-to you and your tastes. We recommend sticking with the warmer, golden tones in the range of 2700 kelvin to 3000 kelvin. This helps to make the kitchen lighting feel warm and comfortable, instead of bright and washed-out. 

Can there be too many lights?

Yes, you do not want too many down-lights installed in your ceiling because then it simply looks cluttered. Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, we recommend spacing your recessed lighting between 4 and 6-feet apart. This helps to ensure there are no shadows present, all while giving your ceiling a clean look.

Should I incorporate lighting controls?

Absolutely, we recommend incorporating lighting controls whenever you can. It is especially a great idea for your kitchen lighting system. Lighting controls help to give you added control over your lighting, so you can adjust the output for different occasions.

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