About Spring Lighting Group (SLG Lighting)

About Spring Lighting Group (SLG Lighting)

Spring Lighting Group (SLG Lighting) in Houston, TX is a manufacturer of solid state lighting. One concept that sets them apart from competition is that they proudly design and manufacturer all their products in their own factories. It helps give them a greater control over their supply chain and manufacturing process, thus enabling them to provide their customers with the highest quality LED luminaires at affordable prices.

SLG Lighting products incorporate only the highest quality components. They are committed to meticulously testing each product to ensure it passes their rigorous quality control requirements. Even though similar products do exist on the market, SLG's goal is to deliver superior products to their customers and make solid state lighting more economically affordable. One of SLG Lightings best characterisics is they stand behind the quality of their products, with their product guarantee and warranty.

Where most lighting manufacturers only offer a five year warranty and some even coming in at three years, SLG Lighting is above the competition with a unbelievable ten year warranty on all of their LED lighting products. Many manufacturers make honoring a warranty a complicated process, burying hard to understand requirements within the fine print. SLG Lighting's warranty process is simple and straight-forward. If their fixture does not last the ten years, it is simple replaced. Its that simple!

SLG Lighting is committed to always keeping their products in stock at affordable prices. They believe in providing top-notch lighting products to their customers in a timely manner is extremely important, an often overlooked process by many other companies. Their promise is the SLG Lighting brand will provide exceptional value LED lighting products to customers everywhere. Stars and Stripes Lighting is proud to partner with SLG Lighting and bring you a wide range of their LED products. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email so we can provide you with additional product details, quotes and delivery times.

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  • John Faseler